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Purchase Indent : User can make Purchase Request to Admin to Order Stocks for a particular Store. User can issue a Purchase Request with his name and Dept. from this Form. This Indent can be Printed also with or without Company Letter Head.
Purchase Order : Purchase Order can be issued to the Supplier with Delivery instructions such as Ref. Date, Ref. No., Delivery Branch, Delivery Store Location in that Branch (so that Auto Delivery Address will be Populated) Agent Selection, Transporter Selection and different Product Details. Purchase Order can be made from already prepared Indent No., Enquiry No. or Quotation no. or Directly without any link. In case of Direct PO, Product details will be given in this form and in other case, they will be dragged from the respective form. Along with Product Details, Terms and Conditions and Tax Structure will be selected from the Master. Any other Changes can be added/deducted on the same. Any Discount also can be given after the basic Total. Final Amount will be auto calculated and will be converted to Words dynamically. Any additional Comments can be also put at the end. PO's can also be prepared in different currencies by selection from the Master. Various Option to Print the same are also given.
Goods Received Note (GRN) : Purchase Order once raised is used when Goods arrive from the Supplier. PO No. can be selected after selecting Supplier Name and all the Pending PO's from the Supplier will be shown in the List. All Products will be Displayed which have been there in the PO and have not received and Quantities of the Products Received will be entered in this form. If there are any Excess Quantities which Company wants to receive can also be entered. GRN will add Inventory of the Company in specific Store Location.
Purchase Bill : When Supplier sends the Bill of the Purchase, that can be fully entered and products will be selected from the GRN Nos. Selection like Agent, Agent Commission, Transporter, Terms & Conditions and Tax Details can be also selected.
Order Cancel/Close : Purchase Orders whose Products are pending and are not going to come from Supplier can be Short Closed in this form so that there will not be any Pending GRN remaining in the System against that Purchase Order.
GRN Return : If some material needs to be sent back to Supplier then GRN Return Form is used. Extensive Search facility like Search on Dates and Products are given for searching of GRN No. while returning the goods. This Form will return the goods to the Supplier affecting the Inventory.
Purchase Bill Return : If Entire / Part of the Purchase Bill needs to be returned to the Supplier then along with Inventory, even Accounts will be affected when this form is used.
Service PO : Purchase Order for Ordering Services can be entered in this form.
Purchase Services : All different Services apart from Products will be entered as a Bill in this form.

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