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Want More Visitors To Your Website?

Since Year 2005, DreamSoft has been providing Search Engine Optimization (SEO). DreamSoft is working with more than 40 India and international websites to ensure a sound, strategic Search Engine Optimization and Website Promotion designed to lift your website's profile and traffic.

DreamSoft offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is tailored specifically to your company to kick off or increase the flow of leads via your existing website.

Why Use DreamSoft?

Whilst there are no guarantees with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), DreamSoft offers tried, tested and proven Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is designed to develop and grow over time. If you are a website owner or CEO and have come across this page whilst researching Search Engine Optimization (SEO) then you need to consider if your business can afford to ignore this key internet marketing strategy.

You should also consider how you found our website - was it via a search engine? In excess of 75% of our new business comes as a result of searches through the major search engines - Google, Yahoo, Msn (bing) and others. If we can get results for ourselves, we can do the same for you and your business.

Can You Afford To Ignore Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is often ignored entirely or left to technical people to implement, however SEO is an absolute key marketing and advertising function and drives the success of many modern, online businesses including our own.

To succeed with SEO, someone needs to be held accountable for the results and any delayed results resulting from the learning curve of non-professionals will cost you clients and sales. A key consideration is whether you believe that it will cost you less to do it in-house than it would to choose SEO professionals like ourselves and whether you really believe that the in-house results will be equal to or greater than the results from professional SEO consultants.

SEO brings paying customers to your doorstep. The customers that SEO bring you are specifically looking for what you offer, so the return tends to be higher than casual browsers. In comparison to traditional media, an effective outsourced SEO plan costs a fraction of the price.

DreamSoft SEO Program :

Let the entire world come to you as you are in top search results with Google, Yahoo, MSN and hundreds of Search Directories on web. You give us your most probable search words of Business and receive lots of people on your website from different parts of the world.

We will submit your business words given by you to all search engines on daily basis and you will have analysis on your words position in all search engines on monthly basis. Stay ahead in search most popular search engines on web then your competitors...get new clients added to your business everyday.

Defining your business /products keywords with the help of you and understanding your business and its positioning. 15-20 Search Keywords to be prepared.
Including the search key words into all pages of your website in Meta Tags.
Submitting these search keywords to thousands of Business Directories across the internet after identifying the section in which your business is suitable.
Communicating on email with each business directories for the Link Reciprocal Program using your email address like
Generating Queries and Leads from these Business Directories
Tracking the position of the keywords on Google, Yahoo and Msn on bi monthly basis and reporting the same to you on email.
List of Business directories in which data gets submitted will be emailed to you on a monthly basis.
Focus on the Search Keywords position on each search engine and efforts to improve them.
Focus on Page Rank of the website and efforts to improve the same.
Dedicated SEO staff at our office.

Following are the Points Undertaken for a Successful SEO for Website:

Website Review
Review & Assessment of targeted keywords
Keywords to be optimized
Initial Website Analysis Report
Optimization of Titles & Meta-tags
Optimization of source code
Alt tag & Hyperlink Optimization
W3C Validation for Homepage
Keyword Position Check for the website in Google, Yahoo, MSN (Bing)
Keyword Position Monthly Report to Client by Email
Creation of New Search Engine Optimized pages if needed
Google Sitemap Creation (XML)
Google Analytics Account Creation
Keyword Position Monthly Report to Client by Email
Google Webmaster Account Creation
Google Dashboard Monitoring
Robot.txt Creation

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