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DreamSoft was born in Year 2000. Two young Engineering Graduates, Hiren Thakkar and Nirav Buch, in their Twenties, after basic Job experience decided to start a Company. They did not know each other, were introduced by a common friend. Once they knew each other, they became friends with a common goal and vision. It was a Dream with Knowledge of Technology, nothing else. From that point, Company was built, Solution by Solution and Client by Client. DreamSoft’s journey in the initial years was like a roller coaster ride. There was lots of Hard work, Raw Marketing, No References, No Products to Showcase, No Office and without any financial backup. Families of these two young Graduates supported a lot, initial orders were cracked with references from family and well wishers, slowly the Orders and Clients started building up. “If you satisfy a Client and give him right solution, he will give another reference”, this philosophy caught up with DreamSoft and Company started getting References from Clients. From initial days, focus was on Microsoft Technologies and Programming Languages. Clients who purchased Software in initial days are till date with DreamSoft.

Years passed, ups and downs continued. By 2004, DreamSoft was settled in Office Space with few Programmers. Struggle continued till company was shifted to a owned office in 2006. Now, DreamSoft was getting established, started cracking International Clients, ventured into multiple projects and volumes increased. After many years of hard work with dedication, day arrived in 2007 when both Partners became Directors and DreamSoft turned into DreamSoft IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. In next year, office was purchased with a capacity of 30 Team Members and now DreamSoft was now established and entered a new phase of Business with Corporate Clients and more international clients. Both Directors, now with Experience started focusing on Technical and Marketing activities. With some of the dedicated long lasting Team Members, DreamSoft grew rapidly every year. Today, one can say that DreamSoft is a known Brand and operates through multiple levels from top down.

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DreamSoft is specialized in ERP Solutions with modules like Purchase Management, Inventory Management, Financial Accounting and Inventory Management, Service Management etc. Along with ERP, Services like Industrial Automation Software Development, Web Application Development, Mobile APP Development, Websites Development, Customized Solutions Development, Search Engine Optimization and Web Hosting Solutions acquired many Clients and many Projects which were successfully executed. With core focus on MicroSoft Technologies like VB.NET, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC Framework and Database Technologies like MS SQL Server, My SQL etc. different Solutions were developed for Clients. Through Direct and OEM Clients, DreamSoft started working with Manufacturing Industries, Distribution Industries, Automation Companies, Pharma Clients, Hospitality Industry, Education Sector etc. Clients once associated with DreamSoft kept on giving more IT Services and Development opportunities.

DreamSoft while providing multiple IT Services successfully Partnered with Paryana Automation Pvt. Ltd. in 2017 and a new Association of DreamSoft-Paryana was formed. Now along with Hiren Thakkar and Nirav Buch, Jaydeep Doshi is on board as Director and new vision with new road maps have been drawn for new venture.

DreamSoft – Paryana and its Directors vision is to create Industry Specific Solutions and cater to large clients and show our Technical Expertise. New found association is set to grow Big and work as a Development Company and with its International Principles.

Trust, Hard work and Dedication are the core concepts of our Foundation. At DreamSoft, we are a Family with utmost respect and care for the Team Members. We believe in empowering Team Members and to invest in creating Multiple Levels of Team below Management and show them the Roadmap. Solutions and Systems developed by DreamSoft are robust and core technical. Regular Team Meeting, Documentation, Support Ticketing are few steps which we took to organize ourselves.

Hiren Thakkar
Nirav Buch
Jaydeep Doshi

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DreamSoft IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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Datta Mandir Road,
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